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Enroll now

We are now enrolling for the
2019-2020 school year!
Please call 724-346-4482
Ext. 1350 or Ext. 1351
To schedule an appointment and complete an application! Hope to hear from you soon!

Dental and Physicals

We are required by the federal government to have physical and dental exams on all 3-5 yr olds within 90 days of enrollment in the Head Start program. We need to have physical exams for Early Head Start children under 3. If your child has any current physicals or dental exam please turn them in to the health office as soon as you can. Thank you for your help

Early Head Start

Home Based Full Year
Infant & Toddler (0 to 3) Program

  • Early Head Start Home Visitor provide 90 minute visits in the comfort of your home.

  • Child focused visits assist parents to use the home as the primary learning environment.

  • Researched based curriculum-Parents As Teacher, to support the child's development.

  • Focus on proper nutrition, health and saftey in the home, periodic health and developmental screenings.

  • 22 Socialization-Playgroups to meet with other parents and share experiences and allow children to play and learn with other children their age.

Pregnant Women

  • Bi-monthly home visits focusing on pre-natal education and development of parenting skills.

  • Focus on health and nutrition in preparation for birth of newborn child.

  • Prenatal visits by program health professional.

  • Referrals and connections to community resources.

  • Researched Based Curriculum - Partners for a Healthy Baby.

Play Group

Volunteer Clearances

It is now a Pennsylvania State Law that you must have a background check before you are able to volunteer in any of our classrooms.
For asstance with obtaining your clearances Click here

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