Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q) Can my child attend class in a different school district from where we live?

  2. A) Because the need in Mercer County is so great, preference for slots are given to children who live within those district first before children from another district can be placed in the classroom.

  3. Q) I'm moving to a new school district in Mercer County. What should I do?

  4. A) First, let your Family Advocate know that you're moving. If there is an opening in the new district, your child will be enrolled there. If there is not an opening, your child will be placed at the top of the waiting list for the center to be enrolled as soon as there is an opening.

  5. Q) My family earns more than the federal poverty guidelines. Where can we go for a quality pre-school program?

  6. A) While Head Start serves primarily families within the 100% federal income guidelines, preferance are given to families whose income fall in this range, the program ,ay serve childre who are over income providing there are other needs addressed. In addition to Head Start, the family may be eligible for preschool services under the PA Pre K counts program, in this program children attend 5 days a week and family incomes could be as high as 300% of the federal guidelines.

  7. Q) When will my child be eligible for Head Start?

  8. A) Your child must be 3 years old by the kindergarten cut off date in your school district.

  9. Q) When will my child be selected for enrollment?

  10. A) In Head Start, rosters are selected by June 15 for the following school year. In Early Head Start, new clients are selected as an opening occurs. The family at the top of the program's waiting list is offered that slot.

  11. Q) Who do I see for assistance in the following areas?

  • My child is on Medication or has a health issue: Health Manager

  • My child has a food allergy and needs substitutions: Nutrition Manager

  • My child has a special need or behavior problem: Disabilities Manager

  • I want to be more involved in the classroom : Teacher, or Family Engagement Director

  • I would like to substitute: Human Resource Manager

  • My issues are not being addressed by anyone: Operation Director or Executive Director

  • I need transportation to EHS Socialization Events: Early HS Home Visitor

  • I have an issue with a staff person; Speak to that person first, then their Supervisor